Healthy Food for Diabetics !!

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Dear Readers,

Diabetes is a disease characterized by high blood glucose levels that result from a reduced ability of the body to produce and/or use insulin. This disease can be kept under control by healthy living and good eating habits. On this page, I am outlining some good eating practices and recipes that I have gathered over the years.

In the last few months I have received a lot of queries about diabetic diets. I have replied to many of my readers by mail, but it is time to write in the site about this worldwide problem. Usually doctors make a healthy meal food chart for their diabetic patients. Diabetics are asked to cut on carbohydrates, sugar, refined food etc in their daily diets.

A healthy diet helps to control the blood sugar. There are some foods which are extremely unhealthy for diabetics and these should be on the watchlist of diabetics. Diabetics should avoid using following ingredients in their daily meal-

  • Refined Sugar
  • Refined flour
  • Polished Rice
  • Potatoes
  • Fried food
  • Processed foods
  • Refined foods

As per Ayurveda, barley is considered to be one of the healthiest grains for diabetics. You can use barley flour to make breads (such as roti) or use it for making khichdi or Dalia etc. In Indian cuisine, we use a lot of ingredients which are considered as healthy to control the blood sugar such as methi (fenugreek), Karela (Bitter gourd), radish etc. A few items considered healthy for diabetics are –

  • Green vegetables
  • Some fruits such as Amla (gooseberry), kaitha (woodapple), jamun etc
  • Fresh curds/yogurt
  • Salads
  • Whole grains
  • Sprouts

In Indian vegetarian diet the daily meal comprising items such as dal, sabji, roti is considered as a healthy and balanced diet. So, if you have a diabetic at home you don’t need to make any extra effort. For example, if you are making a vegetable dish comprising greens and potatoes (such as Methi Aloo), you can serve only the greens to a diabetic person. One can serve barley roti and regular dal with less oil.

Along with a healthy diet, exercise, yoga, and meditation also help to control diabetes. A happy and stress free family environment also helps reduce the health issues. I hope this information helps you. Take care!

With best wishes for healthy and happy living,

Lentils and Beans for Diabetics

For diabetics, there is no restrictions for lentils. Lentils are a good source of protein for vegetarian and vegan diet. Split lentils are considered easier to digest compared to beans. This is because beans (such as kidney beans, chickpeas, soybeans etc.) are high in protein; therefore, these should be eaten in lunch meal as it becomes much easier to digest them. When you make any lentils and beans preparation, make sure to cut down on fat (ghee/oil). Read about lentils and beans recipes.

Soups for Diabetics

For diabetics all kind of light soups are healthy. Please avoid using cornflour or any other thickening agent in the soup as these are high in carbohydrates. Also make sure to avoid fresh cream and extra butter in the soup. Use fresh ingredients and try making clear soups. Read more about soups.

Some Salads for Diabetics

Some Starters and Snacks for Diabetics

Some Delicious and Healthy vegetables for Diabetics

Some Delicious Indian breads for diabetics

When you are making Roti for diabetics use barley flour over wheat flour beacause the carbohydrate is less in barley and also barley is a rich source of fibres. Also you can add some kind of chopped greens like, methi leves, palak, mustard etc in your daily breads.

Some Delicious Indian Curry recipes for diabetics

When you are making curries for diabetics make sure to cut down on oil/ghee(fat). Use lots of greens in curries. Avoid using any cream in diabetic food.

Some Dessert recipes for diabetics

Sugar is one thing which diabetics are not allowed to eat. Some people use substitute sugar in their tea, coffee, desserts etc. I think it’s better to avoid sugar for diabetics in daily meals. If you control your diet on daily basis then occasionally you can have dessert. I will suggest using a little bit of regular organic sugar instead of artificial one. When you are making desserts for diabetics make sure to cut down on sugar. Use as little sugar as possible. Also cut down on fat also.