About Shuchi

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Dear All,

My name is Shuchi. I was born and raised in India. Now I have been living outside India for almost two decades. While living on three different continents, I have noticed a growing interest in vegetarian and vegan cuisine, as well as healthy ways to cook food. However, I have also realized that there is a lot of unfamiliarity surrounding these topics. During my four years in France, people would often ask, "How do vegetarians get all the essential nutrients?" Some people thought that vegetarian food was boring and monotonous, while others wanted to include more vegetarian options in their routine meals but did not know many healthy and delicious recipes. All these questions and curiosity encouraged me to test and write about traditional vegetarian Indian recipes.

Since my cooking journey started in France, I have given a French name to my website. The words “Chez Shuchi” means "From Shuchi's place".

I hold a master's degree in botanical sciences and have studied health, ethnobotany, plant-based nutrition, and digestion at Cornell University, USA.

My cooking journey has evolved with time and experience, and I believe that most day-to-day health issues can be cured by changing one's diet. I try to focus on healthy eating habits and like to use pure, easily available ingredients in my recipes. Health is wealth, and along with taste, I focus on making nutritious food. I do not use any fat-free, sugar-free, or artificial ingredients in my cooking, nor do I like to use chemical-based ingredients to enhance the flavor of food. I also try to avoid using canned or precooked food/ingredients as much as possible.

I recently published my first English health and cookbook, "Health, Taste, and Traditions - A Journey from Ayurveda to Modern Science," in January 2023. The book contains nine articles based on Ayurveda, science, and Indian food traditions, as well as 84 vegetarian Indian recipes along with references from ancient Indian literature.

I am very thankful to all my readers for their support and encouragement over the years. Please keep sharing your feedback.

Along with recipe creation, I also love to work with charity organizations that are focused on the education of underprivileged kids. I am passionate about gardening and love to spend time digging, sowing, and caring for my plants. In my spare time, I also indulge myself in scrapbooking.

Thank you and enjoy cooking!