About ShuchiShuchi

Dear Friends,

Hello Everyone, My name is Shuchi. I live outside India and understand the issues faced by vegetarians. I started this website in April 2010 to introduce accessible healthy vegetarian options (mainly Indian delicacies) to people who are passionate about Indian food. In Indian cuisine, vegetarian dishes are ubiquitous. While living on three different continents, I have seen new interest in vegetarian cuisine and healthy ways to cook vegetarian dishes, but I also realized there was a lot of unfamiliarity. During my four years in France, people would ask, “How do vegetarians get all the essential nutrients?” Some people thought vegetarian food is boring and monotonous, and other friends wanted to include more vegetarian options in their routine meals but did not know many healthy and delicious recipes. All these questions and curiosity encouraged me to test and to write traditional vegetarian Indian recipes.

I believe cooking is an art, and that art can be mastered. I have become a recipe writer by chance. I love to experiment, and to entertain. In France, I hosted many parties and met people from many different countries and cultures. Our guests liked our vegetarian Indian food and asked me how to make them. I sent them my recipes, writing ingredients and procedures very carefully with a lot of detail. Friends responded, saying "It is very easy to make dishes using your recipes. You have a gift, please make a website of your recipes!!" So, here is Chez Shuchi - the words mean "From Shuchi's place" in French.

In my recipes, I detail the recipes step-by-step with photographs. I write recipes in the way I follow them. I hope you will like them.

Enjoy cooking !