इस पन्ने को हिन्दी में पढ़ें

Vrat ka Khana

Fasting is a common practice in India. Along with Vasant and Sharad Navratri, there are many other festivals and holy days like Krishna Janmaashthami, Shivratri, Ekadashi, etc when people keep fasts. For these special days, people eat sendha namak/rock salt instead of regular salt. People do not eat any lentils, rice or wheat, spices etc...Usually people eat fruits, dry fruits, milk yogurt and some specific vegetables. In different parts of India various kind of delicacies are made for these days.

There are a variety of things eaten on fasting days such as singhara, kutu, potatoes, sabudana, fruits etc.

Sendha Namak- Sendha namak is also called as rock salt ( Amazon Link). While regular table salt/sea salt comes from sea, sendha namak comes from mountain rocks and there is usually little to no chemical treatment done. Sendha namak is used for fasts because of its purity. This salt is less salty than the regular one and has less amount of sodium and it is not iodized either.



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