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Chili/ Pepper Recipes

There ia a large variety of chilies all around the world. Some of them are real hot while others are mild. These chilies/ peppers are used as spices, vegetables, and also as medicinal products. Chilies contain a substance called capsaicin, which gives the characteristic pungency/ hotness to the chilies. Shimla Mirch or Bell pepper is commonly known as capsicum in India. The botanical name of bell pepper is Capsicum annuum. Bell peppers are rich in vitamins, minerals, dietary fibres and beta carotene. There are a lot of health benefits of eating bell peppers.

My kitchen garden is full of chilies - Indian hot chili, Serrano pepper, jalapeño, sweet pepper etc. These chilies/ peppers are in a variety of colors - dark green, light green, black, red, purple etc...So let us make some delicious chili recipes with these beautiful and colorful chilies...

chili chili
Home grown sweet pepper and Serrano chilies

chili chili
Some other varities of home grown chilies

Did you know?

Many of you would know about the Bhoot Jhulakiya/ Bhut jolokia peppers. In 2007, Guinness Book of World Records certified Bhot jholokia as the hottest pepper in the world. It is also known as ghost chili in the Western word.

A friend of ours gifted us a sample of these chilies and I thought it will be nice to put up the pictures for my readers. I haven't used this chili in my cooking so far, but our friend said that one of his acquaintances made 2 bottles of chili sauce by using just half Bhut Jolokia chili.

This chili is grown in East Indian states like Assam, Nagaland, and Manipur... To know more about this chili please check wikipedia,

bhoot-jhulakiya bhoot jhulakiya

Bhoot Jhulakiya/ Bhut jolokia peppers

There are some easy and delicious recipes made out of chilies/ peppers…..

Mirchi Vada Mirchi Vada-Mirchi vada (chili cutlet) is a very popular deep fried snack from Rajasthan . Mirchi vada are stuffed with potato filling and then coated with gram flour (besan) paste before frying. It is also called as mirchi bhajii in Southern India. Mirchi bhajii has different filling of spices and sesame then mirchi vadas. Lets make mirchi vada...
Mirchi_Ka_Salan Mirchi Ka Salan- Salan is another word for curry or gravy. Mirchi ka salan is a very famous Hyderabadi dish. In this dish hot chilies are deep fried and cooked in a special curry made with peanuts, poppy seeds, white sesame, and coconut, along with aromatic spices. Mirchi ka salan is usually served with Biryani. In this festive season try out this Mughalai exotica……….
Red_Chili_Pickle Red Chili Pickle- This recipe of red chili pickle is a modified form of the traditional stuffed red chili pickle. This is my mother's preparation and she has modified her original stuffed pickle recipe to cut the amount of spices and oil so as to make a healthier version. This pickle is an instant .....
Mughlai Mirch Mughlai Mirch-These royal peppers are so yummy. The rich filling of potatoes and paneer makes this dish special and even kids like to try it. I have used home grown sweet peppers for this dish but if you do not find this particular variety use small bell pepper (capscium/ shimla mirch). Try it out and....
Stuffed_Chili Stuffed Chilies- This delicious chili dish is like an instant pickle. I have used home grown Serrano peppers for this dish but if you do not find this particular variety use any big green chilies. In India you get bigger green chilies for pickle which is perfect for this dish. Try..
-करौंदा मिर्चा Karaunda Mircha-Karaunda is a tropical and sub-tropical plant. It is very commonly grown in India and comes in abundance in the summers. A variety of delicacies are made out of karaunda. I could not find karaunda where I live but I'have found something close to it ; these are known as crab apples. In US ......
coriander chutney Coriander Chutney-Coriander chutney is the life of snacks, starters, and Chaat, and a good companion for the main course too. It is made out of green coriander leaves and green chilies. This chutney is a good source of iron, calcium and vitamin C.
neebu ki mircha Neebu ki Mircha- This is my mother's recipe. This is a perfect zero fat preparation and goes with each and everything. This instant pickle is made with chopped green chilies and grated ginger dipped in lemon juice .
Shimla Mirch Aloo Shimla Mirch Aloo - Shimla Mirch or Bell pepper or sweet pepper is commonly known as capsicum in India. The botanical name of bell pepper is Capsicum annuum. Bell pepper is rich in vitamins, minerals, dietary fibres and also in beta carotene. There are a lot of health benefits of eating bell peppers. This is ....
Chili Paneer Chili Paneer-Chili paneer is an Indo Chinese dish, as the name shows this is a hot dish made with paneer , belle pepper, onion, and lots of green chilies.. Chiliy paneer is one of the most famous Indo Chinese dish and since it so popular in North India; in most of the restaurant chiliy paneer is in the menu under paneer ......
paneer tikka Paneer Tikka-- Paneer tikka is a Mughlai dish traditionally made in tandoor (Clay Oven). This is one of the best tandoori vegetarian dishes. This dish has variety of bell peppers (capscium/Shimla mirch) which are rich in vitamin A and Vitamin C also. This is a low fat starter.
Kadahi Paneer Kadahi Paneer–kadahi is a Hindi word for wok. This is a yummy cottage cheese preparation along with bell peppers (capscium/ shimla mirch), and onions. This paneer dish is a semi dry preparation cooked in tomato puree, aromatic spices, and fresh cream. I have followed famous Chef Neeta Mehta's recipe with my own variations to make this dish. This dish is ...
pPaneer Jalfrezi- Paneer Jalfrezi--Jalfrezi is a dry preparation made with onion, belle peppers (capscium), tomatoes and spices. Paneer Jalfrezi is a delicious as well as nutritious dish. It is a stir fry delicacy, made with little oil/ghee.