Chatpati Chaat

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Chaat comprises lip-smacking savories, and conjurs images of roadside stalls. Most chaat delicacies leave us with a lingering spicy taste. Chaat belongs to the traditional Indiancuisine. Today one can find some form of Chaat in most parts of India. Most chaat originated in North India, but these are now eaten all across the country.

Indian Chaat is usually vegetarian. It is tasty, pungent and really spicy. Chaat items are traditionally eaten from roadside stalls in leaf bowls or earthern bowls. A single item can be served as a starter eaten as a fast inexpensive snack between the meals. A combination of Chaat items can also make a complete meal.

Bring Indian street food to your own home; make some mouth watering chaat items, invite your friends over, have a delicious chaat party, and have rave reviews.

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