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Mango Delicacies

Mangoes are called as the king of fruits. Everyone just loves mango. Of course Indian mangoes are unique whether it is Dushheri, totapari, sindoor, chaunsa, chusvan, Hafuz...the list is never ending. In this time of the year even in America, the Indian stores have mangoes in abundance. Mangoes are rich in Vitamin A, and C. They are also a good source of dietary fibers, and minerals. Raw mangoes rea ricer in vitamin C then ripened ones. If you want to read more about mangoes please click on this link. If you want to know more about Mango nutrition please check Wikipedia, .

mango tree
Mango tree laden with raw mangoes in Vadodara city, India

Mangoes are extensively use in various cuisines. A variety of drinks, chutneys, pickles, sweets etc are made with raw as well as ripened mangoes. I have made a separate page for all the mango recipes written in the site to make your search easier. Let’s try some yummy mango delicacies. SAs always all your suggestions and comments are very welcomed!

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mango delicacies

There are some easy and delicious recipes made with mangoes…..

mango cake
Homemade mango cake