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November, 6th-2018

Happy Choti Diwali to Everyone!

  • gulab jamun

    Gulab Jamun

    Gulab Jamun is one of the most popular traditional Indian desserts. This rich dessert delicacy is traditionally made with milk solids. Milk solid is known as mawa/khoya is prepared by boiling full-fat milk for a long time, until all the water content has evaporated. For gulab jamun, the milk solid is kneaded into a dough with a little flour. The balls are made from the khoya dough and deep dried at a very low heat in pure ghee. ...read more...

  •  gujhiya


    Gujiya/ Gujhiya or Gujia are a traditional North Indian dessert specially made for the festival like Holi and Diwali. Gujhiya are khoya/ Mawa (thickened milk), nuts, dry fruits and sugar filled pastries; flavored with cardamoms and deep fried. Traditionally gujhiya are deep fried in pure ghee but feel free to use refined oil instead of ghee if you have any dietary restrictions...read more...

November- 3rd-2018

  •  Namakpare

    Namakpara for Diwali/ Deepawali

    Namak pare are traditional deep-fried savory preparation from Marwari /Rajasthani cuisine. Namak is a Hindi word for salt and pare are stripes, so namkpare are stripe shape savory snack. Namkapre are also called as Nimki in some parts of India. To make namakare , dough is made with flour, salt and carom seeds (ajwain). The oil is also added in the dough to make the namkpare crisp as well as flaky..read more...

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Upcoming Indian Festival!

  •  badam deep

    Diwali/ Deepawali

    Diwali or Deepawali is populaly known as Festival of Lights. It is a five day long festival that starts with Dhanteras, and is followed by Choti Diwali (Narak Chaudas), Diwali, Govardhan Pooja (Padeva) and Bhai dooj. This year Diwali is on November 7th.read more...

  •  rasgulla

    Rasgulla/ Rasgulle/ Rosogulla

    Rasgulla or Rosogulla is one of the most famous desserts from Eastern India, and a signature of Kolkata. Rosogulla is made with chenna, a variety of paneer/cottage cheese made out of cow's milk. An ideal Rasgulla would be absolute spongy and dissolves in the mouth. That’s the reason Rasulla is also known as white sponge.read more...

  •  Noorani Seekh Kebab

    Noorani Seekh Kebab

    Noorani Seekh Kebab is a low-fat, easy to make vegetarian appetizer. Kebabs are originally derived from middle eastern countries. Traditionally Kebabs are associated with meat, but this is a vegetarian delicacy from Lucknow. Noorani lentil and paneer kebabs are rich in protein, fibers and vitamin B1. Paneer and lentils both are rich in protein and is a good protein source for vegetarians. ..read more...

  •  dal chawal roti sabji

    Balanced and healthy daily North Indian food platter

    Dal chawal, roti, and sabji is a perfect, healthy, balanced, delicious, 600 calories meal. This vegetarian food platter is a staple in North India. It has a combination of protein, carbohydrate, vitamin, minerals etc. In North India most families have a similar food platter in one of their meals. This lunch platter which usually consists of - a variety of dal(lentil/beans)... read more...

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