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Ragda Patties | delicious street food from West India

  •  meethi seviyan

    Ragda Patties | delicious street food from West India

    Ragda patties is a very popular street food from West India. It is especially popular in Mumbai and Gujarat. Ragda is made with white peas, also known as vatana or matar. To make ragda, cooked white peas are seasoned with mustard seeds and curry leaves. Tamarind paste and jaggery enhance the flavor of ragda... read more...

  •  meethi seviyan

    Sheer Khurma| Meethi Seviyan | seviyan cooked in milk

    Sheer khurma or Meethi Seviyan (sweet vermicelli preparation) is a very delicious and traditional dessert made for festivals. In the city of Lucknow various seviyan delicacies are made for Eid. For this recipe Seviyan are roasted in pure ghee. Then cooked in milk with nuts and raisins.....read more...

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Healthy Food for Diabetics | Diabetes recipes

Dear Readers,

Diabetes is a disease characterized by high blood glucose levels that result from a reduced ability of the body to produce and/or use insulin. This disease can be kept under control by healthy living and good eating habits. On this page, I am outlining some good eating practices and recipes that I have gathered over the years.

In the last few months I have received a lot of queries about diabetic diets. I have replied to many of my readers by mail, but it is time to write in the site about this worldwide problem. Usually doctors make a healthy meal food chart for their diabetic patients. Diabetics are asked to cut on carbohydrates, sugar, refined food etc in their daily diets. Doctors also often suggest that diabetics should eat 5-6 small portions of food, rather than 3 big meals.

Some healthy recipes for diabetics

  •  Noorani Seekh Kebab

    Noorani Seekh Kebab

    Noorani Seekh Kebab is a low-fat, easy to make vegetarian appetizer. Kebabs are originally derived from middle eastern countries. Traditionally Kebabs are associated with meat, but this is a vegetarian delicacy from Lucknow. Noorani lentil and paneer kebabs are rich in protein, fibers and vitamin B1. Paneer and lentils both are rich in protein and is a good protein source for vegetarians. ..read more...

  •  dal chawal roti sabji

    Balanced and healthy daily North Indian food platter

    Dal chawal, roti, and sabji is a perfect, healthy, balanced, delicious, 600 calories meal. This vegetarian food platter is a staple in North India. It has a combination of protein, carbohydrate, vitamin, minerals etc. In North India most families have a similar food platter in one of their meals. This lunch platter which usually consists of - a variety of dal(lentil/beans)... read more...

Delicious Podi Idli and Malgapodi Recipes !

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