About this site

This site has been especially developed 

- For those who want to make all sorts of vegetarian food at home but need help to start up;

- For Indians, who go abroad and don’t find the foods/ingredients which are easily available in India;

- For all my friends who want to include vegetarian food in their routine meals and need help to go through. 

Food is an Important part of our life. One of our friends who lives in South Korea, and visited us in France, told us " We miss three ‘Fs’ deeply when I am outside India - First one is Family, second is Festivals and the third one is Food.”

In my recipes I have tried to explore replacing the ingredients that are difficult to find, by using easily available alternates. I also have pages on sweets (mithai), Chatpati Chaat (mouthwatering snacks) and all those delicacies that one wants to eat but does not find outside India. Most of the ingredients are easily available in countries like USA, UK, Australia, Canada etc. while in some other parts of world it is a struggle to find these ingredients e.g.- France, Spain, South Korea, Germany.

I Have also added world food section in my site. In my recipes I have tried to use easy to find ingredients.

All the photographs on this site are original, and copyrighted. If you need to use any image, please ask.

I am extremely grateful to my family for their support and patience. Without their support this site wasn't possible. Site designed, developed and maintained by Shuchi - contact

About Recipes!

In my recipes I have not mentioned the Time (Preparation time, Cooking time etc.) because it is quite confusing for beginners. Each and every individual has his/her own speed to work and time limit makes it complicated to understand. However I have clarified at every step the frying time or the time that it will take to sauté, and so on. Also for some recipes I have tried to explain the complicated steps by explaining them with pictures. I think the recipes are helpful overall. Still if you find difficulty in following the recipes, please feel free to write to me.

-In this site most of the recipes are mild to medium spicy. If you and your family like spicy food, simply increase the amount of green chili, red chili, and garam masala.

- Homemade spices are fresh and have stronger flavor than the pre-packaged ones. I like to grind spices at home.

- I do not use garlic in my cooking. But if you want to add garlic, you can add garlic paste with onions, while frying.

-If you think your kids, guest or anyone in the family can't have green chilies, in that case do not chop the green chilies; instead use the whole chili. It becomes easier to remove the chili after the dish is ready. And you still get some flavor.

- For deep frying, I avoid filling the skillet with oil as repeated use of fried oil is unhealthy.

- Most of the recipes on this site say serves four.

-- If you are a beginner, please be patient. If something does not turn out good, just do not get disappointed. Keep on trying....

Enjoy cooking!