Holi Special!

इस पन्ने को हिन्दी में पढ़ें

Dear Readers,

Holi is a festival of colors. All over India people celebrate this festival with dry and wet colors. They throw colors at each other and enjoy the festive mood. Holi is a festival which brings people together - people play colors in harmony.

holi colors

According to the lunar calender, Holi falls on the full moon night of Phagun month. In the English calender it falls sometime in March. This year Holi is on March, 24th- 2024 for the pooja (Holika Dahan) and March 25th-2024 for color festival.

While the rest of the India celebrates Holi for 2 days, the cities which are associated with Lord Krishna celebrate this festival for over a week. I grew up in a city where we used to have Holi celebrations for a whole week. Longer festive season means you get a chance to have more fun and lots of good food!

holi platter

In different regions of India different delicacies are prepared for this special festival. Along with desserts (mithai) Chaat is also a very popular preparation for this festival. Let's make some mouthwatering delecacies for Holi....

Happy Holi to Everyone !!

Mithai (Sweets) For Holi Festival

Chatpati Chaat for Holi

Some Desi Drinks for Holi

Some Other Snacks n Starters

Some Mocktails

some photos for party planning and organization!