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  •  lemon cake

    Eggless Lemon cake

    Making lemon cake at home is really easy. I love to experiment in my kitchen, so I try different recipes and play with ingredients. This recipe is an adapted version of Kris Holechek's vegan cake "Torta Limone". You can also make this cake vegan by using oil instead of butter and soy milk in place of regular milk. Try this unusual recipe of the incredible lemon cake. This is an easy to make eggless recipe of lemon cake. This cake is light and not loaded with calories. ... read more...

  • Carrot and Pepper Pickle

    Carrot and Pepper Pickle

    Carrot and pepper pickle is a very quick and delicious Indian style pickle. You can use Jalapeno or serrano pepper. I have used serrano peppers, which are easily available in the USA. These are spicy peppers which are very close to Indian thick green chilies used for pickle. You can use any thick and spicy peppers available in your part of world...... Read More..

  • paan thandai

    Paan Thandai

    Paan- paan, also known as Betel is an evergreen perennial from tropical climate. Paan leaves are strong and peppery in taste. The paan leaves are heart shaped and are often consumed as mouth freshener along with fennel seeds and areca nuts in India.Thandai -thandai is a traditional milk based spiced Indian drink. It is made with selected spices grinded with nuts. Thandai is considered as a good coolant. In North India this special drink is made for Holi (the festival of colors). Read More..

  •   Watermelon Rind Sabji

    Watermelon Rind Sabji

    Watermelon contains 92% water and is considered as one of the best natural coolants. It is a good source of Vitamins A and C, and is also rich in amino acids, minerals and is an antioxidant. The red flesh of watermelon is full of lycopene. This year, in our kitchen garden watermelon is growing well. We mostly eat the red flesh of watermelons and throw away the rind and white flesh. Since our watermelons are home-grownआगे पढ़ें ..

  •  Sooji Halwa

    Semolina Halwa\ Sooji ka Halwa

    Semolina Halwa is one of the most popular Indian desserts. This halwa is made for many auspicious occasions and especially for Navratris Navmi day for kanya bhoj (feed girls, symbolic to offering food to goddess Durga). Halwas belong to a special category of ghee (clarified butter) based Indian desserts... read more....

  •  Buckwheat and Almond Halwa

    Buckwheat and Almond Halwa\ Kuttu Badam Halwa

    Buckwheat and Almond halwa is a delicious, nutritious and gluten-free dessert. Despite its name, buckwheat is not a grain, it is a heart-healthy, gluten-free seed that is also a rich antioxidant and a good source of carbohydrates. Buckwheat is rich in iron, magnesium, potassium, vitamins, and dietary fibers. It is a great choice for weight-watchers.. read more....

  •  almond rose squares

    Almond and Rose Squares\ Badam and Gulab Burfi

    Almond and Rose (gulab) squares or barfi is very delicious, nutritious and easy to make dessert. Almond is also known as Badam in Hindi and is one of the healthiest nuts. This ancient preparation combines floral petals of rose with almonds to get a divine taste. Almond is a good source of potassium, magnesium, and iron. It is also a powerful antioxidant.. read more....

  •  neebu ki mircha

    Neebu ki Mircha (chilies soaked in lemon juice)

    Neebu ki Mircha is a perfect zero fat, easy to make, four-ingredient instant pickle. This instant pickle is made with chopped green chilies and ginger dipped in lemon juice and seasoned only with salt. Isn’t it simple! This is my mother's recipe; she usually makes neebu ki mircha and keeps it in the fridge. This pickle enhances the flavor of any food. read more....

  •  masala mattha

    Masala Mattha/ Masala Chaach (savory Butter Milk)

    Mattha, also known as Chaas/ Chaaach (छाछ), is one of the most traditional and favorite coolants of India. In English it is known as buttermilk. It is a healthy and delicious drink that can be served any time. Mattha is a very good coolant during the summers: it helps to protect against sunstroke (लू) in burning summer more..

  • sarson ka saag

    Bajre ki Meethi Poori

    Bajra or pearl millet is widely grown in India and Africa. Bajra grows well in hot climate conditions and India is one of the biggest producers of bajra. This grain is considered very healthy: it is rich in carbohydrate, protein and fibers. It is also gluten free so is ideal for people with gluten allergies..... Read More..

  • cheese bruschetta

    Cheese Bruschetta

    Bruschetta is an Italian appetizer. A classic bruschetta can be made with grilled bread topped with ripe tomatoes, italian herbs, olive oil, and seasoned with salt and black pepper. There are so many different version of this delicious Bruschetta One can make by topping with mushrooms, olives, fruits etc. Here we are making cheese bruschetta.. Read More..

  • cashew chow-mein

    Vegetable and Cashew Chow Mein

    Chow Mein is a Chinese stir fried noodles dish. Chinese cuisine is very popular in India and there are many variants of vegetarian Chinese delicacies. This Chow Mein is a delicious preparation with lots of... Read More..

  • rajma ke kebab

    Rajma ke Kebab/ Kidney beans Kebabs

    Rajma (red kidney beans) are rich in soluble fibers, and a good source of protein, iron, magnesium etc. This is a delicious rajma ke kebab preparation from North India. Traditionally Kebab is associated with meat preparations.... Read More..

  • green salad

    Mix Green Salad With Vinaigrette Dressing

    This recipe uses a variety of salad leaves. These are rich in vitamin A, Vitamin C, dietary fibers and also in minerals like iron and calcium. I have used organic spring mix. Health nutritionist say that darker leaves have more nutrients that just regular iceberg salad. Read More..

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