Desi Drinks | Homemade Hot and Cold Drinks

इस पन्ने को हिन्दी में पढ़ें

Desi word has derived from the Sanskrit word deshi (देशी) means, “from the country”. In western world, South Asians refer themselves or their food, as desi. Desi Drinks have deshi influence, they are authentic drinks from India.

In India, drinks are often made according to season. Each season has its own moods, swings, and significance, and so do the drinks. Especially in summers, a variety of drinks are made to provide a respite from the hot winds (लू) and also to provide the minerals required for the body.

In our Desh, Flavored hot milk (कड़ाही का दूध) is served in winters, while summer is the time to enjoy coolants such as mattha, panna, jaljeera, etc …

milk in India

Along with desi drinks there is a huse variety of other drinks it could be cocktail, mocktails etc. Here is the link to read more about Mocktails.

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