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Eid Special !

Dear Readers,

Eid is on June 25/26th, a festival of joy after the holy month of Ramadan’s fasting. Back home we used to have grand feast at our friends' place and they never forgot to set a vegetarian corner for the veggie lovers. Here are some special desserts for Eid from our part of the world…….. .

I will be posting the recipe of Id special dish - Shahi Phirni - tomorrow!!

Happy Eid !!!



Shahi Phirni (Royal Rice Pudding)-Phirni is made with ground rice cooked in milk. This is a very festive sweet made all over India. Phirni is very similar to Kheer(made with whole rice) but much quicker to make. So lets make this traditional sweet on the ocassion of Eid....As always please keep writing your comments..

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Shahi Tukda mujaffar seviyan

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