Meethi Seviyan

इस व्यंजन को हिन्दी में पढ़ें

Sheer khurma or Meethi Seviyan (sweet vermicelli preparation) is a very delicious and traditional dessert made for festivals. In the city of Lucknow various seviyan delicacies are made for Eid. For this recipe Seviyan are roasted in pure ghee. Then cooked in milk with nuts and raisins. Traditionally dates are added in this sweet preparation to enhance the flavor. I have added sugar instead of dates.

I have used 2% milk in this preparation as we get pure organic milk in our city and even 2% milk is quite thick, however, I will suggest you add full cream milk. It’s easy to make this dessert. It’s may families of one the most popular dessert. Try this delicious meethi seviyan recipe and please do share your valuable comments. Happy cooking, Shuchi

meethi seviyan
Preparation Time: 7 minutes
cooking time: 15 minutes
Approximately 175 calories in each square

Ingredients (serves 4)

  • Milk  3 cups
  • Seviyan( Vermicelli) 1 cup, broken
  • Ghee  1 tsp
  • Sugar 1/3 cup/ to taste
  • Assorted nuts 1/3 cup
  • Raisins 2 tbsp
  • Green cardamom  4

Method of preparation

  1. Thinly slice the nuts.
  2. Remove the green skin of the cardamoms and grind the seeds.
  3. Break the vermicelli into about 3 inch long pieces.
  4. Heat ghee in a pan on medium heat, and roast the vermicelli on medium heat (takes 3-4 minutes). Vermicelli will look like the picture below.
roasted seviyan
  1. Boil milk in a separate pan. After the first boil reduce the heat and let milk boil for 4-5 minutes.
  2. Now add vermicelli in the milk, reduce the heat. Cook for 5-7 minutes.
seviyan in milk
  1. Now add sliced nuts and sugar, mix well and cook for another minute. Turn off the heat. Add ground cardamom.
  2. Seviyan is ready. You can serve hot or cold seviyan as per taste.
  3. Traditional seviyan are ready to serve.
meethi seviyan

Some Tips/ Suggestions:

  1. Do not add roasted seviyan in cold milk. Make sure to boil the milk before adding roasted seviyan so that seviyan do not get lumpy.
  2. If you are adding dates in the seviyan then cut the amount of sugar.

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