Curry Preparations

इस पन्ने को हिन्दी में पढ़ें

There are many words to define the ubiquitous Curry - like Rasa, Shorba, Curry, jhol etc. No Indian meal is complete without a curry/gravy. Curries are an important part of  main  course. Curries can be white (coconut , poppy seeds, melon seeds,or cashew nut paste based), they can be yellow (turmeric based),  brown (onion, tomato and blend of spices based), red (tamarind based), green (spinach, mustard greens etc...), orange, etc..

In order to prepare delicious, natural and aromatic curries, good spices are needed - yet, the most important thing which is of paramount importance is PATIENCE. Here are few tips to make a rich restaurant style curry-

  1. Kasoori methi is a key ingredient in a rich curry. Kasoori methi is dried methi (fenugreek) leaves. It can easily be found in Indian/ Asian grocery stores. Rub Kasoori methi in between your fingers to crush them. Add in masala frying as directed.
  2. In order to make a smooth curry you need smooth tomato puree. You can either use store bought puree or make it at hope. If you are using fresh tomatoes, grind them into absolutely fine puree.
  3. Add a hint of sugar in rich curries as it enhances the flavor of curries.
  4. Use deghi mirch instead of regular red chili powder to get a nice color in the curry.
  5. In order to make rich restaurant style curry add fresh cream/ cashew paste or khoya (thickened milk) .
  6. In case if you do not of any of these ingredients, add some grated paneer in the curry to enhance the flavor of the curry.

Let's make some delicious, mouth watering curries. As always please do share your comments and suggetions.

Happy cooking,

Some Paneer Curries