Vaishnav Food

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Vaishnav refers to one who is related with Lord Vishnu. As per mythology, Vaishnav food is that which is loved by God. There are three main categories of food-

  1. Satvik
  2. Rajsik
  3. Tamsik

Vaishnav food is considered as Satvik food. A satvik diet is based on fruits, dairy products if the cow is fed and milked in the right conditions, nuts, seeds, vegetables, legumes, whole grains etc.

Vaishnav food is vegetarian but does not include onion and garlic. In India, in most of the states, food which is prepared for offering to gods does not have onion and garlic.

There are several stories behind this exclusion. One version is that at one time fruits and vegetables were being served to gods. However, onion and garlic were left underground and were not the part of offering. From that time on they are not considered as auspicious.

A version of this story is that when the offering was being prepared, onion and garlic fell from the big plate in which fruits and vegetables were being placed. That is why they are not a part of food that is offered to gods.

A third version is that both onion and garlic are very smelly; The smell is because of the Sulphur content. The sulphuric smell makes it difficult to focus on the divine prayers, and therefore onions and garlic are avoided.

I grew up in a Vaishnav family where onion and garlic were prohibited. With time I have started using onion, but I still do not use garlic in my cuisine. We mostly prepare food without onion and garlic. Vaishnav food and Swaminarayan food is similar. Here are some easy to follow Vaishnav recipes -

Happy Cooking,

A simple satvik food for Monday fasting. This has green vegetables like sweet and sour Zucchini, lauki ki sabji, makhane ki kheer and roti.


A delicious Vaishnav platter with boondi raita, sweet and sour kaddu, mooli ka kas, methi chole, shahi pulav and bedmi poori

vaishnav thali

Some Delicious Vaishnav Chatpati Chaat preparations

Some Delicious Vaishnav Curry/Gravy preparations

Some delicious Vaishnav vegetable preparations