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Food Platters!

Dear Readers,

In this page I am sharing some food platter pictures. Some are homemade and others were served to me at different places around the world. Many of these platters are comfort foods for us. Comfort food is food that is simply prepared and associated with a sense of home or contentment. For many of us, our comfort food is dal, chawal, roti, sabji- lentils, Indian bread, and rice, while for my South Indian friends, they crave Rasam and Rice…After all those parties, we crave simple food. Here are a few platters for you!!

Best wishes!

A delicious, simple and healthy food for everyone.

homemade food

This meal platter has less than 600 calories. It has macro as well as micro nutrients (protein, vitamins, minerals). This platter is low on salt, spices and fat. Healthy meal for everyone- perfect for diabetics as well. You can make all these items at home. Here are the details- above picture has-kundru ki sabji , udad dal, roti, salad, and homemade dahi (curds/ yogurt)..

A delicious thali at IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) Kanpur's student mess!

thali at IITK

You can make all these items at home. Here are the details- above picture has-kadhi-chawal, chole, gobhi aloo, sarson ka saag, paratha, dahi (curds/ yogurt) and papad..

A delicious and healthy, mix and match platter


Above picture has - Mix vegetable soup suji ka upma and and Italian bread, focaccia .

Winter Special- sabji Paratha U P style

sabji paratha UP style

Above picture has -Sem, Matar aur aloo, Mangaudi aloo (Aloo tamatar), methi ka paratha and a piece of jaggery (gud).

Gujarati Thali !

Delicious veg Gujarati Thali in a restaurant in Houston, USA!

gujarati thali

A South Indian Platter

south indian platter

Above picture has - Idli, Sambhar, Dosa, dose ka masala, coconut chutney, onion and tomato chutney, and Tamarind Rice.

poori sabji thali

Above picture has - Bhindi ki sabji, Boondi ka raita, Sooji ka halwa, Aloo Tamatar ki sabji, and Poori

north indian thali

Above picture has - Sem Matar Aloo, Paneer butter Masala, Plain Rice, Arhar Dal, Kachumar Salad, Roti, and roasted papad.

weekend lunch idea

A special Weekend lunch with-Moongdal dahi Vade, Chole, Bhature, Jeera rice, and roasted papad

comfort food

Above picture has Lauki chane ki dal, Gawar ki sabji,Jeera aloo, Boondi ka Raita, Bhindi (okra) Roti, Plain Rice, and green chutney (coriander chutney).

some photos for party planning and party organization/ bulk cooking.