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Dear Readers,

Some Patriotic Tri-color recipes for Indian Republic day and Independence day. You can make these tri-color recipes with your family and friends for the patriotic occasions. For these recipes, I have used all the natural ingredients to get the natural colors of our flag. Use orange color fruits and vegetables like carrots etc., saffron, turmeric with red chili powder etc. to give saffron color to your recipes. Use green leafy vegetables, mint chutney, coriander/ cilantro chutney, pesto sauce etc to give a green color to your recipe. Hope you enjoy these recipes! Please share your valuable comments!

Happy patriotism,

tri color collage

  • Indian Tri-Color Pasta

    Indian Tri-Color Pasta

    The Indian Independence Day is on August 15th. It is important for us, who live abroad to teach our kids about this special day. Food is an interesting way to discuss the topic. How about pasta? Now-a-days kids appreciate pasta over any regular food. So, on the special occasion of Independence Day .... Read More..

Some other Tri-Color Recipes

Tri Color Fruit Bowl

Kiwi+mint, banana and orange bowl for Republic Day. You can also use thivk yogurt instead of banana for white layer.

tri color fruit bowl

Tri Color Paneer Tikka

Marinated Green bell pepper (capscium), Paneer, and Carrot - Tri color skewers

tri color skewers

Tri Color Salad Skewers

Tri Color Salad Skewers made with cucumber, turnip, and carrots for Republic Day!!

republic day