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Khoya/ Mawa is evaporated, thickened milk. For khoya making, full cream fresh milk is boiled and evaporated until the milk is almost semi dry and leaves the sides of the pan. Readymade Khoya is easily available in India but often people like to make it at home because of the purity issues..Khoya is used in lot of Indian desserts like laddos, gulab jamun, koya barfi etc. and is also used in some rich Mughali curries. It is easy but time taking to make khoya at home...


(makes 200 gms)

Takes about an hour

  • 1 Lt Fresh whole cream milk

* I have used organic full cream cow's milk . You can also use buffalo milk if you find it.

Method of preparation

  1. In a heavy bottom pan boil the milk on medium heat. After the first boil reduce the heat. Let the milk evaporate for about half an hour or until the quantity is half of the original. Stir every 4-5 minutes.
thickened milk after about 40 minutes of boiling
  1. When milk is thickened, stir it continuosly.
khoya making
milk has started to leave the sides
  1. With the help of ladle scrap the sides and let the milk semi-dry or until it leaves the sides of the pan completely. Make sure that khoya does not get hard or becomes dry.
Khoya is almost reay

Khoya/ Mawa is ready. You can use the khoya right away or it can also be stored in the refrigerator for couple of weeks. Meke Gulab Jamun, Malai kofta curry, or Sweet Saffron Rice, everything taste good with homemade khoya.....

Tips/ Some Suggestions

Use a heavy bottom pan to make khoya. Wash the pan with cold water before boiling the milk. This helps avoid the problem of milk layers getting stuck to the bottom of the pan.

The quantity of khoya may depend on milk's quality. The time may also vary- I have electric hot plate and it usually takes longer to cook on the same...

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