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Paneer Chow Mein

Chow Mein is a Chinese stir fried noodles dish. Chinese cuisine is very popular in India and there are many variants of vegetarian Chinese delicacies. Paneer Chow Mein is a delicious preparation. The basic recipe is similar to veg Chow Mein and then paneer pieces are added to enhance the flavor....I have also added some spices in this preparation to please the Indian palate......

paneer chowmein

Ingredients (serves 4)

  • Flat wheat/ white noodles 5 ounce (about 150 gms)
  • Paneer about 150 gms
  • Cashew nuts 10-12
  • Cabbage, juliennes1½ cup
  • Carrot 1 / 1 cup juliennes
  • Bell pepper 1 (capscium) / ¾ cups juliennes * I have used red and green bell pepper
  • Spring onion 2
  • Red Onions 1 medium
  • Salt 1 tsp
  • White pepper, freshly ground ¼ tsp
  • Red chili flakes ¼ tsp (optional)
  • Soy sauce 1½ tbsp
  • Brown sugar ¼ tsp (optional)
  • Distilled vinegar 1 ½ tsp
  • Tomato chili sauce 1 tbsp (optional)
  • Oil 3 tbsp

Method of preparation:

  1. Cook the noodles as suggested on the noodle packet. Do not overcook the noodles. Leave the noodles on the strainer to remove extra water.
  2. Cut paneer in about 1/4 inch wide and 2 inches long pieces.
  3. Wash and cut the spring onions diagonally in about one and half inch long pieces. Wash, peel and cut the red onions in juliennes.
  4. Peel, wash, and finely cut the juliennes of carrots.
  5. Wash and cut the cabbage lengthwise. Wash the colored bell peppers (capscium), cut in halves, take out the seeds, and cut in juliennes.
Veggies for chowmein
red onions, cabbage, carrots, and bell pepper juliennes
  1. Heat a wok, add oil. Add red onions and stir fry for a minute on high heat. Add carrots, and bell pepper and fry for another minute. Now add shredded cabbage and fry for 30 seconds on high heat.
veggies for the chow mein
vegetable frying for chow mein
  1. Now add spring onions, boiled noodles, paneer and cashew nuts. Stir Well. Add soy sauce, chili sauce, salt, red chili flakes, sugar, vinegar and freshly ground white pepper. Stir well for one to two minutes.
  2. Taste and balance the spice, salt, and sugar level as per taste. Turn off the heat.
  3. Delicious paneer chow mein is ready to serve.
paneer chowmein

Some Tips/ Suggestions:

  1. You can use instant noodles, flat noodles, wheat noodles or any other noodles as per availability and taste.
  2. You can also use some other veggies like bean sprouts, bok choy, baby corn etc. in this preparation.
  3. For stir frying iron wok would be ideal. Do not use non stick woks for stir frying as frying is to be done on high heat and this can damage the non stick coating.

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