How to make Mangaudi

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Mangaudis are small sun dried dumplings made with moong dal paste. Mangaudi is a very common element in Marwadi Cuisine. There are various dishes which can be made with mangaudi, like, mangaudi aloo ki subji (mangaudi and potato curry), Mangaudi ki tahri ( A rice dish), mangaudi ki kadhi etc. You can either make them at home or buy them from grocery stores. Mangaudis are sometimes hard to find outside India, but you can always make them at home if you have a nice sunny weather in your part of the world. Last summer (in 2011) my parents had visited us and my mother was generous enough to make mangaudi at home. I had taken some pictures at that time which were sitting on my desktop. So here is the recipe for making mangaudies...

home made mangaudi

(makes about 2 cups)

  • Yellow moong dal 1½ cup
  • 2 Big trays
  • Oil  to grease the tray/ Plate

Method of preparation

  1. Clean and wash the lentil (moong dal). Soak the lentils in 5 cups of water for about 4 hours.
home made mangaudi
  1. Grind the lentils in the grinder with little water. Beat the lentil paste thoroughly till it becomes light.
home made mangaudi
  1. Grease the tray/ plate. Now pour the small dumplings as shown in the following picture. You can also use a cone to make the dumplings.
home made mangaudi
  1. Keep the trays under the sun and let the mangaudis sun-dry. It takes two-three days to completely dry the mangaudis. Do not forget to bring the trays inside in the evening.
home made mangaudi
  1. When mangaudis have dried well, they will start leaving the surface of the tray, as shown in the following picture.
home made mangaudi

Mangaudis can be stored in a airtight container for months.

Use of mangaudi in Mangaudi ki tehri.