Kesar Pista Kulfi
( Indian Icecream with nuts)

इस व्यंजन को हिन्दी में पढ़ें

Kulfi is a traditional Indian Ice-cream. It is made by boiling full cream milk and reducing it to one-third of its original volume. Kulfi can be of different flavors, like kesar pista, mango, malai, etc. Traditionally kulfi is frozen in a clay pot (matka) filled with ice. In North India kulfi is served with Falooda. Falooda is special vermicelli made with sabudana/ sago. This is an authentic recipe of Kesar Pista Kulfi (saffron and pistachio flavored Indian Ice-cream) …


(makes 8)

Method of preparation

  1. Remove the outer green cover of the cardamoms and grind them in the mortar.
  2. Cut the pistachios into thin slivers.
  3. Soak saffron threads in about 2 table spoon lukewarm milk and keep aside.
saffron soaked in milk
saffron soaked in milk
  1. In a heavy bottom saucepan boil milk. After the first boil reduce the heat.
milk boiling
milk after the first boil
  1. Let the milk boil until about one third of its original quantity is remaining. Stir occasionally.
milk boiling
thickened milk after about one hour and 30 minutes of boiling
  1. Now add cardamom powder, sugar, and slivered pistachios. Mix well and turn off the heat.
  2. When milk is still lukewarm but not hot, add saffron milk and ground cardamoms. Mix well.
saffron soaked in milk
after adding saffron milk, and slivered pista in the thickened milk
  1. Pour the kulfi mixture into the molds. If you do not have kulfi molds use the popsicles/ lolly molds. In case if you do not have any of these molds use the regular food grade plastic containers. Do not forget to cover the lids. Now freeze the kulfi for 6-7 hours or until firm.
saffron soaked in milk
Kulfi milk transferred in the molds
  1. To take the kulfi out, half fill a container with hot water, and dip the kulfi molds in it. Wait for 10-15 seconds, and take the mold out. Kulfi will come out easily. You can also hold the molds under running water to loosen the kulfi.
  2. Now cut the kulfi into required shape and transfer it in a serving dish. Garnish it with slivered pistachios, and pour some Falooda on the top of kulfi. Yummy Kulfi is ready to serve.

For Falooda :

Authentic Falooda is made with sabudana/ sago. It is a kind of vermicelli. You can find pre made falooda in your Indian grocery store. To boil them follow the instructions.

falooda made from the packet

Well, I also use regular semolina sewai (vermicelli). For that, boil ½ cup sewai for 3 minutes in the water. Now wash it with fresh water. In bowl take 1½ cups water add 2-3 tbsp sugar and ½ tsp rose water or kewda water and few threads of saffron (kesar). Now add the boiled and strained sewai in the sugar water.

falooda made from sewai

Some Tips/ Suggestions :

While boiling, milk tends to stick at the bottom of the saucepans. To avoid this, wash the inside of the saucepan with cold water before transferring the milk.

Set an alarm while the milk is boiling. Do not forget to stir the boiling milk every 15 minutes.

You caan also use some grated mawa ( milk solids) to this preparation.