Monday, November 19th-2012

इस पन्ने को हिन्दी में पढ़ें


Dear Readers,

Last few weeks have been very busy and I didn't get time to post new recipes.... The Diwali celebration has gone on longer than I expected !. Kids also like to celebrate Diwali at their schools and like to tell everyone about this fesival.

It is a wonderful experience to learn about different cultures and traditions and also to share our culture, festivals, and traditions with others. We, the Indian origin parents organized a Diwali lunch at our kids' High School. About 20 parent volunteers cooked the meal and served it to all the students and teachers. The vegetarian Indian meal included Chole (a chick-peas curry), Gobhi Aloo (a cauliflower and potato veggie), butter naan, and Rice along with Indian Sweets and Mango Milk Shake. This delicious, home cooked meal was thoroughly enjoyed and greatly appreciated by everyone!! Sharing is such a great feeling......

Here are few pictures of food serving at the school -

mango shake

Ready to serve food plates--

lunch plates

With best wishes,