Meeng Pag (watermelon seeds dessert)

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Muskmelon also known as cantaloupe is a delicious fruit. The seeds of muskmelons are delicious too. This is a dessert made out of peeled seeds of muskmelon. This is another variety of dessert made for Janmashtmi Pooja (prayer).. If you don't find muskmelon seeds use watermelon seeds.

meeng pag

Method of preparation

  1. Remove the outer skin of the cardamoms and grind them in the mortar.
  2. Grease the tray, plate or a small thali with ghee.
  3. Heat a wok, dry roast the  melon seeds for about two minutes on medium heat. Be careful beacause seeds splutter. Let the roasted seeds cool down for 10 mins. Then crush them roughly. This can be done in a grinder.
watermelon seeds                                        roasted and crushed seeds
  1. Boil sugar and water in a wok/pan. After the first boil reduce the heat and boil the sugar syrup till it gets thickened and makes two string syrup. Two string syrup means that you take a drop of syrup between your two fingers and then stretch the fingers - if the syrup that sticks between the two fingers is making two threads (or strings) then the thickness of syrup is appropriate. Takes about 7-8 mins.
  2. Now add seeds and cardamom, mix well, cook till the mixture absorb the sugar syrup. Takes about 2 minutes on medium-low heat.
sugar syrup                                                    after adding the seeds
  1. Now turn off the heat and set the mixture on the greased tray. Let the mixture cool down, takes about 8-10 minutes. Now cut the burfi in required shape.
the meeng pag mix onthe greased platter                         cut the burfis

Delicious meeng pag is ready for bhog/serving .

Tip: I have used organic (raw) sugar for this preparation.That is why sugar syrup is brown in the picture.

The pag (or burfi) can be stored in an airtight container for couple of weeks.

Use oil instead of ghee if you want to make vegan pag.

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