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How to make Chenna

What is Chenna ?

Chenna is an another variety of Indian cottage cheese prepared from fresh cow milk. Chenna is much softer than paneer in appearance and is always made out of cow's milk.It is an important ingredient of many Indian desserts. Specially in Bengal, various kinds of mishthi like- Rosogulla, Rasmalai, Sandesh, etc are made out of Chenna. Chenna is a good source of proteins, carbohydrates and calcium.

(yields 150 gms Chenna)

  • 1 Lt Fresh whole cream cow's milk
  • 10-12 ml vinegar/lemon juice or paneer/chenna whey
Two additional items needed:
  • soup sieve
  • ½ meter square of muslin cloth/ cheese cloth
  1. Bring the milk to boil.After the first boil turn off the heat. Now add old paneer whey/ vinegar/ lemon juice.Now you will see that milk has curdled and there is greenish whey. Turn off the heat. Leave for two minutes.
chenna making paneer making
  1. Set the muslin on the sieve, pour the curdled milk onto the clean muslin cloth (soup sieve with small holes can be used directly in case if you do not have muslin cloth). Now press the chenna to remove the whey. Keep aside for 1 hour to remove the extra water/whey..
paneer makingchenna making
  1. Chenna is ready to use .
paneer making chennamaking
Tip : The whey can be used in dough ,soup or  rice preparations or for next chenna making .