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मेथी के व्यंजन!

Dear Readers,

Methi also known as Fenugreek is a strongly aromatic annual green belongs to legume family. Methi is medicinal plant rich in protein. Methi leaves are rich in magnesium, iron, calcium etc.In Indian cuisine it is used extensively in various forms. In Indian cooking fenugreek seeds are used as a spice. The sprouted methi seeds are also used to make salads and are considered as a digestive. Ground methi seeds are used in pickles and also in stuffed vegetables .

I use methi in curries, dry vegetables, beans, lentils, paratha, Indian breads, rice preparations and and in many other dishes. To make your search easy I have gathered all the recipes calling for methi. Here are some methi recipes to get an idea of use of methi leaves.I thought it will be wonderful to share these dishes with you..Please keep trying the dishes and do share your valuable suggestions...

With best wishes,

home grown methi