Friday, August 26th-2014

home grown watermelon

Home grown watermelon!! The red arrows in the above photograph show the three watermelons. Read more about vegetable gardening here.

Making Ghee at home!

Dear Readers,

On readers special request recipe of ghee making at home-

Ghee Making Making Ghee at Home- Ghee is known as clarified butter in English. Outside India ghee is very easily available in Indian stores, and can also be found in some organic stores as well as health stores. In India ghee is not only used in cuisine but also in some ayurvedic medicines, and spiritual / religious rituals.Many of my readers have been asking for the recipe of ghee making at home. I have sent a quick recipe to many of you by mail but now I think it is time to share the detailed recipe with pictures...

Some Other Basic Preparations:

mangaudi making paneer making yogurt/ dahi making

mangaudi making         paneer making          curds/ yogurt making