Thursday, July 31st-2014

Welcome to Chez Shuchi !

Dear Readers,

Namaste!! Hope you all are doing good!! It's been a long time sinceI have updated the site...I had gone home (India) with my family. We are back to the USA with beautiful memories of homeland and I will try to update the site on a regular basis as usual. I have tried to reply to most of the mails, comments, and questions when I was away, still if I haven't replied to your mails so far please do write to me again I and will follow up as soon as possible. Thanks!

Dear readers, my kitchen garden is loaded with veggies this year. Seems like it's rained a lot this summer in USA. So many vegetables like tomatoes, bell pepper/capscium, broccoli, kale, cucumbers, eggplant/ brinjals are already ready to harvest. Here are some pictures for you.....

home grown brinjal home grown bell pepper

Home grown tomatoes, and freshly harvested mint leaves, broccoli, eggplant etc....

home grown cherry tomatoes home grown veggies

Let us make delicious, nutritious, colorful, and crisp Garden Vegetable Medley with lots of freshly harvested veggies...

With best wishes,

Garden Vegetable Medley

Garden Vegetable Medley - Vegetable medley is a delicious, nutritious, colorful, and crisp stir fry dish. The selection of vegetables can be done on the basis of taste and availability. I have used a lot of home grown veggies like broccoli with bell pepper, carrots, corn kernels etc. Spice level can also vary as per taste. This delicious medley can be served as a side dish with Dal Chawal or it can also be served with Italian herb bread, French baguette or regular dinner rolls/ bun. Try this healthy preparation and please do share your comments!