March 19th, 2015

Chaitra/Basant Navratri Specials !!

Dear Readers,

Basant/ Vasant or Chaitra Navratri is the nine days long sacred festival, that is considered auspicious by all the Hindus. The meaning of Navratri means nine nights in Sanskrit. Basant Navratri falls in Chaitra month according to the Hindi Lunar calender. The Hindu New Year starts from the first day of this Navratri. This year Basant Navratri is starting from March 21st and Ram Navmi (ninth day) is on March 28th.

Many people keep fast (or VRAT) for eight days (from Parva to Ashthami) and eat only falahari dishes ( fruits, vegetables, and dishes made with specific ingredients for fasting days). They break their fast on Navami after ceremony and prayers. Others who can not fast for eight days continuously, observe fast on the first day (beginning of the navratri) and the last day (ashthami or eighth day) of Navratri.

For this auspicious festival let's make some Vrat ki delicacies. I will keep updating the Falahari dishes during the navratri.....

Happy Navratri !!

Samo_Rice Samo rice pulav- Sama/ Samo rice one of the food eaten during the fasting days in India. These rice grains are smaller in comparison to any other rice grain, and look somewhere between semolina and daliya (broken wheat), or may be couscous… This recipe is for a savory preparation of samo rice. Note that different families have different traditions for fasting days - For example ......

Some Other Delicious dishes for Fast

kuttu ki pakaudi singhare ki barfi vrat ke aloo

Some other recipes we have made in past-

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some photos for party planning and party organization/ bulk cooking.