Tuesday, April 22nd-2014

ChezShuchi and Shuchi's interwiew featured in a magazine !

Dear Readers, your favorite website www.chezshuchi.com with my interview is profiled in Sulekha.com. Sulekha is a biggest online portal for Indians in India and also in USA. Please click on this link to read the interview- http://indiapulse.sulekha.com/food-recipes/foodie-call-with-shuchi_post_6092 Thank you all for your continuous support. Shuchi


Lettuce Salad With Sweet Onion Dressing

Lettuce Salad With Sweet Onion Dressing -Lettuce Salad With Sweet Onion Dressing is a Chinese style salad, which is very refreshing and takes just a few minutes to make. I like the crunchy leaves of iceberg lettuce for making this salad, but you can use the variety of lettuce as per your taste and availability. In case if you do not have lettuce or if you do not find lettuce in your part of world use cabbage or brussel sprouts. Hope you like this salad. As always I will appreciate your comments..

Chinese Cuisine!

Now-a-days Chinese Cuisine is becoming very popular all over the world. In some ways Chinese cuisine is very close to the Thai cuisine. In India, Chinese cuisine is very popular and there is a huge range of vegetarian Chinese delicacies as well.... When an Indian friend of ours had a chance to visit China; he was over enthusiastic to experience all those delicious vegetarian Chinese food which he used to have in India. To his surprise, in China, there was hardly anything in the menu he could recognize ….

Please click here to read more about Chinese pantry, cooking technique etc.... Let's make some very popular Chinese delicacies!

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Cauliflower (gobhi) Manchurian

Cauliflower (gobhi) Manchurian -Cauliflower (gobhi) Manchurian is an Indo Chinese dish. This delicious Chinese preparation is served as a starter. Gobhi Manchurian is an easy to make which is very popular Chinese dishes in India. This is a vegan preparation. For Gobhi Manchurian, gobhi (cauliflower) florets are deep fried and then sauteed with the sauce. If you want to avoid deep frying, you can grill/ bake the florets. I have explained in the recipe how to bake the florets. Try this crunchy manchurian and please do share your suggestions....

Some Other Delicious Chinese Delicacies

Crispy Chili Potatoes Spring Rolls Chili Paneer Pizza