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November 18th-2017

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Bajre ki meethi Poori!

  • sarson ka saag

    Bajre ki Meethi Poori

    Bajra or pearl millet is widely grown in India and Africa. Bajra grows well in hot climate conditions and India is one of the biggest producers of bajra. This grain is considered very healthy: it is rich in carbohydrate, protein and fibers. It is also gluten free so is ideal for people with gluten allergies..... Read More..

November 8th-2017

Sarson ka saag!

  • sarson ka saag

    Sarson ka Saag

    Sarson saag (mustard leaves preparation) is a very famous delicacy from Punjab. This delicious saag is served with makke ki roti (bread made with cornmeal). Sarson ka saag amd makke di roti is a very popular combo in Punjab. Now a days in winter time one can find this combo all the restaurants... Read More..

Oct 27-2017

Growing Basil at home!

  • basil

    Homegrown Basil

    In my Kitchen Garden this year 3 different kinds of Basil are growing. All the varieties of Basils are a fragrant herbs and they belong to the same family Lamiaceae, like mint. Basil is a summer plant and it likes heat. You can plant them in sunny area. Here are pictures and an introduction of the three basil growing in our garden. Read More..

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