Homegrown Lauki (Bottle Gourd)


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Growing vegetables at home is becoming more popular these days. There are plenty of reasons as to why people like to grow vegetables, herbs, fruits, etc. in their own garden.Some people worry about the use of chemicals/ pesticides in the vegetables and fruits, while others like to be close to nature, and find it relaxing to work in the garden. Some enthusiasts also grow rare vegetables which are hard to find in the supermarkets. Whatever may be the reasons for thinking about growing your own vegetables; it should be fun for you, and not a chore.

homegrown lauki

Home Grown Lauki hanging in the kitchen garden

I love gardening. My family shares this passion. We plant the seeds, wait for them to germinate. The seeds sprout, and then the first set of leaves appears. Kids keep an eye, and inform " Mom it is growing taller and taller". The cycle of careful watering and waiting continues. Slowly, the plants bear fruits, and the long awaited moment arrives- we enjoy the freshly picked herbs, fruits or vegetables.... When we harvest our homegrown plants, it feels like a big achievement, it is a pleasure, it is healthy, and it is satisfying to use home grown vegetables in our cooking.

Lauki, Ghiya, Kaddu, Doodhi, Bottle Gourd and here in America it is also called as Squash. One vegetable and so many different names. Bottle gourds contains about 96% water. They are rich in dietary fibers, and are also a good source of vitamin B and contain iron as well. Bottle gourd is one of the lightest vegetable and it is very easy to digest.

homegrown lauki

Home Grown Lauki hanging in the kitchen garden

Lauki can be easily find all over India. Outside India it can be found in Indian stores and also in some Chinese stores. If you do not find lauki in your part of world grow them at home garden. I like to grow lauki (bottle gourd) at home garden. Lauki is a tropical plant so it loves heat. It belongs to the family Cucurbitaceae like bitter gourd, pumpkin, cucumber etc. Lauki is a vine which grown very fast in hot climate.

germinated lauki seed

lauki can be easily grown from the seeds. You can grow the lauki plants in a big pot or in the ground. 1-2 lauki plants are more than sufficient for the family of four. In summers lauki grows very fast. I usually germinate 3 lauki seeds just in case. If all the 3 seeds germinate I donate one of them to a friend. I plant lauki seeds in small pot when weather turns nice in our part of world. I move the baby lauki plants outside in the ground in the first week of May when the danger of frost is over and night tempretaure rises.

germinated lauki seed
Lauki seeds showing the growth after 9 days.

Lauki plants grow very fast in warm weather. Usually you will see flowers coming in the plant in about 45 days. And very soon after the flowers you will see fruits.If weather is warn you may have your first lauki in 60 days after planting.

home grown lauki

It is extremely satisfactory to harvest your own vegetables. They are pure, tastier and healthier....

home grown vegetables
A bunch of vegetables harvested from our itchen garden

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