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Valentine's Day !!!!!

Dear Readers,

Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 14th February all around the world in the honor of St. Valentine. In the USA Valentine’s Day is celebrated in a grand way: it is a day meant not only for couples and lovers, but also for everyone. Indeed, people choose this day to express their love, feelings, respect and gratitude to their parents, teachers, friends, or to anyone close to them. While youngsters and couples go for dance parties/dinner/ pub, parties are also thrown in schools, and even kids exchange valentine cards with their class mates and teachers. Lots of fun filled activities are organized for kids. Pink and Red are the main colors of Valentine day celebrations. On this special day let us make something new and special……


First Row- Baby Spinach and Strawberry Salad, Paneer Tikka, Watermelon Juice, Crystals on Strawberry.
Second Row- Bruschetta, Mango Strawberry Yogurt, Heart shape baked Mathri, Mini Raspberry Pie
Third Row- Chili Paneer Pizza, Tomato Rice,Mini Apple Muffins, Minestrone Soup.

Happy Valentine's Day !

 Raspberry_Pie Raspberry Pie -Last week, my daughter and I were checking out some books at the local library. I noticed a book about Mini Pies written by Christy Beaver and Morgan Greenseth. I picked up the book, turned the pages, liked the book and thought to give the recipes a trial. I always like to make "mini" stuffs, they look nice and are easy to serve. Valentine is a goodtime to experiment! I have made some changes in the original recipe ....

Some other Delicious dishes for Valentine's day

pina colada lemon cake Classic Trifle

pina colada                lemon cake             Classic Trifle

some photos for party planning and party organization/ bulk cooking.