Yogurt Preparations

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Yogurt is more commonly known as curd/curds in India. In Hindi we call it दही (dahi). Yogurt is one of the best sources of calcium for vegetarians. Yogurt is also rich in protein and Vitamin B.

Yogurt is an excellent source of probiotic bacteria, which supports immunity and digestive heath. Yogurt has good bacteria that can be helpful to your digestive tract.Yogurt is made by natural bacterial fermentation of milk. In this process the lactose of milk converts into lactic acid and this makes yogurt more easily digestible than milk.

Greek Yogurt- Greek yogurt is made by straining out liquid whey from the yogurt, leaving behind a thick yogurt. In simple words Greek yogurt is a thick and creamy yogurt which can be easily made a t home.

Raita- Raita is a yogurt based Indian dish. It is a coolant and can be a combination of herbs, fruits or vegetables mixed in beaten yogurt. It is generally served as an accompaniment to the spicy main dishes.

Cold yogurt dishes are very suitable for hot Indian climate and go very well with hot curries. There is a wide range of cooked delicacies made with fresh or sour yogurt. It is also used in chutneys, bread making, sweets, rice delicacies, beans and so on......

How to make Dahi/Curd/Yogurt at home-

Some Raita Recipes

Some Other Yogurt Recipes

yogurt/ curd based drinks

Mango Lassi Mango Lassi- Lassi is a very famous yogurt based drink. Sweet Lassi is made by blending yogurt (curds/ dahi) with either milk or water and sugar. Mango lassi is very popular in western world. To be frank, I first tasted Mango lassi outside India. This is a very easy and delicious recipe for mango lassi…..
Kesariya Lassi Kesariya Lassi - Lassi is a very popular, yogurt(curd) based drink from India. This is a special lassi from the birth place of God Krishna .This has lot of Saffron in it and has very nice aroma too.
Mattha Mattha -This is a very healthy, and delicious drink can be served any time. It is a very good coolant, especially for the summer time. It helps in fighting the hot wind of burning summer afternoons .

Some hot and savory dishes made with yogurt/ curd-
Mangaudi ki Kadhi Mangaudi ki Kadhi–Today I am sharing with you my childhood favorite mangaudi ki Kadhi's recipe. This is a traditional Rajasthani /Marwadi vaishnav delicacy, very popular in North India. Mangaudis are small sun dried dumplings made with moong dal paste. For this delicacy mangaudi and Potatoes are cooked in yogurt (curds) curry. ......
Gujarati_Kadhi Gujarati Kadhi- Kadhi is a tangy curry preparation made with gram flour and sour yogurt. Kadhi is very popular in North, and West India. There are different versions of kadhis like kadhi pakordi, mangodi ki kadhi, sindhi kadhi, Gujarati kadhi, Rajasthani kadhi.....This is an easy to make recipe for Gujarati Kadhi. Gujarati kadhi is little different than North Indian kadhi .…
dahi wale aloo Dahi Wale Aloo-Dahi wale aloo is a very simple, yet delicious potato delicacy in yogurt curry. I remember when I was a kid, we used to eat dahi wale aloo with plain paratha in dinner meals. I have inherited this dish from my grandmother, mother and my aunts....I do not put many spices in this potato delicacy as it tastes so good with the flavor of green chilies and sour yogurt....… .
 Gatte_Ki_Subji Gatte Ki Subji/ Gatta Curry- Gatta curry is a delicious Rajasthani/ Marwari preparation made in a tangy yogurt curry. Gatte is a Hindi word meaning solid pieces. In this preparation, gatte dough is made with gram flour and spices, boiled in water, and then shallow fried. There are different recipes to make ……
Kadhi Kadhi- Kadhi Chawal is actually a lunch combo from North of India.Kadhi is deep fried balls of gram flour paste's , dipped in yogurt based gravy.Chawal is a Hindi word for rice.
Healthy Idlis Healthy Idlis- Idlis are steam cooked savory cakes. These healthy and delectable idlis are made with oat, semolina, carrots, yogurt, and raisins, and have been seasoned with mustard seeds and curry leaves. A very dear friend of mine shared this recipe over the phone and advised me to try it. I wasn't very sure how kids will react with but to my surprise .......
Rava Uttapam Rava Uttapam Rava Uttapam or semolina uttapam is a very popular South Indian dish. Uttapams are made with fermented batter. These are thick pancakes. Traditionally onions, bell pepper, and tomatoes are added in the batter. Uttapams are served with typical South Indian accompaniments like; Sambhar.........
Sooji Idly

Sooji Idly-These Idlies are steam cooked savory cakes of fermented batter of Semolina (sooji/ rava ). Usually in South India Idlies are served with Sambhar and chutneys for the breakfast. This is a very delicious preparations and very popular throughout the India.

Chutneys with yogurt-
Green_Chutney Lucknow Style Green Chutney -This green chutney is a Lucknow speciality and is specially made to accompany kebabs. It is a little different than regular coriander chutney and is a modified version of mint chutney. This chutney is a good source of iron, and calcium. So try this out with kebabs and let me know your feedback......
coconut chutney

Coconut Chutney- coconut chutney is a South Indian variety of chutney. This delicious chutney is made with coconut, peanuts (groundnuts) and flavored with green chili, coriander leaves. It is seasoned with mustard seeds and curry leaves. It best goes with idly, dosa, uthappam, upma, etc.