Karwa Chauth!!

October, 18th-2016

This year Karwa Chauth is on Oct 19th- On this auspicious day women keep fast for the long life and well wishing of their husbands. If you want to know more about Karwa chauth please check wikipedia, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karva_Chauth

In our family, this is a tradition to make gulgule for the Karwa Chauth Pooja..

  • Baked Veg


    Gulgule is a Hindi word meaning round and soft. This is a special dessert made for some specific occasions like, Karvachauth and Basauda (the day when people eat the food made on previous day) etc. This is an easy to follow recipe. I have made some changes in the recipe to give it a contemporary flavor. Read More..

Baked Vegetables

October, 14th-2016

  • Baked Veg

    Baked Vegetables

    Baked vegetables is one of the most popular continental delicacies in India. At my place continental delicacies are always relished by my Indian as well as non-Indian guests. It is very easy to make baked vegetables. To please Indian pallet I have added a hint of garam masala in this dish. The selection of vegetables can be done as per taste and availability. The amount of cheese can be reduced or increased as per taste.. Read More..

New Fasting Recipe-Raw banana Cutlets

October, 2nd-2016

New Recipe-Lauki Posto

September, 20th-2016

  • lauki posto

    Lauki Posto

    Lauki Posto (bottle gourd cooked with poppy seeds) is an absolute delight for green vegetable lovers. Lauki, also known as doodhi, squash, gourd or bottle gourd contains 90% water and considered as an easy to digest and healthy vegetable. The credit for this recipe goes to my friend Shalini and her husband Alok. I am extremely thankful to them for not only sharing the recipe but also feeding me this delicious dish. There is a sweet story behind this recipe.... Read More..

New Recipe-Biscuit Cake

September, 17th-2016

  • biscuit crumbs cake

    Biscuit Cake

    This cake is a good example of food economy. It is easy to throw things but hard to use them. This cake has been made from leftover broken biscuits and rusk crumbs. I had a lots of broken biscuits which I surely didn't want to throw so made this delicious cake. This cake is so light that you can have a few pieces and still don't feel heavy. Read More..

New Recipe-Gobhi Matar Aloo

September, 14th-2016

  • gobhi matar aloo

    Gobhi Matar Aloo

    Cauliflower is called as Gobhi in Hindi and potato is called as aloo. This is a very famous dish all over the world. Gobhi Aloo is a landmark in Indian in cooking; as in ‘Bend it like Beckham’ , the mother demands her daughter to learn to make Aloo Gobhi. Read More..

New Recipe-Lobiya ke Kebab/ black eyed beans Kebabs


  • lobiya ke kebab

    Lobiya ke Kebab/ black eyed beans Kebabs

    Lobiya is also known as black eyed beans or black eyed peas and is a good source of potassium, magnesium and calcium. It is rich in soluble fibers and is a good source of protein and vitamins. Traditionally Kebab is associated with meat preparations - but this is a vegetarian version of Kebab. Read More..

New Recipe-Baingan ka Bharta (A roasted eggplant delicacy)


Growing Methi/Fenugreek at home!

April 30th-2016

  • methi

    Growing Methi/Fenugreek at home

    Methi can be easily grown in home garden. To grow methi in a container, fill the container with organic soil. Sprinkle methi seeds all over, about ¼ inch apart from each other. Cover the seeds with a very thin layer of soil. Sprinkle some water to moisten the soil. The seeds will sprout in a couple of days. Water them and keep them under the sun. They grow very fast. Read More..

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